Camping arrival for F1 and MotoGP


Camping arrival for F1 and MotoGP

Arriving at and departing from major events at the Red Bull Ring can be associated with long waiting times and traffic jams on the motorway exits.

The organiser recommends the following arrival and departure times:

Wednesday & Thursday: Arrival possible all-day
Friday: Arrival until/before 09:00 (strongly) recommended. Delays and diversions cannot be ruled out for later arrivals.
Saturday: Arrival (urgently) before 09:00 hrs recommended
Sunday: Departure from 20:00

For the best possible arrival distribution, campers will be guided by LED signs on the S36 Murtal motorway on Thursday. For Schitterhof CAMPING WEISS, pink, green, orange, purple and yellow, the Knittelfeld West exit is ideal. Blue and red should exit at Zeltweg West.

As the slip road to the S36 Zeltweg Ost/Spielberg is very close to the campsite, you can leave Schitterhof CAMPING WEISS very quickly on Sunday and thus often avoid hours of waiting, as is always the case with the more distant campsites (especially Pink and Orange). 

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