Regolamenti operativi

The entered area (Schitterhof and Schitterhof-Camping) is a private agricultural area with a temporary camping site.

Spielbergerstraße 12
8724 Spielberg

1. The use of the campsite is at your own risk. Parents are liable for their children.

2. It is forbidden for unauthorized persons to enter the private areas as well as areas not open for camping and all security areas. It is also forbidden to climb over fences and locked gates and/or to cross other barriers or boundaries.

3. All vehicles must drive at walking speed on all access and connecting roads.

4. Visitors must follow the instructions of security personnel and other law enforcement officers. Persons impaired by alcohol or drugs may be expelled from the area of the Schitterhof and the Schitterhof Camping.

5. The protection of minors is of great concern to us - we adhere to the Styrian Youth Law; No Alcohol to under 16-year-olds, and distilled alcohol only from the age of 18; Smoking products only from the age of 18!

6. The visitors are informed that the area is monitored by video recordings. The visitor agrees that recordings of his person in picture or sound are made and without temporal, and content restrictions in any medium known at present or in the future (e.g.: Internet, data carriers, print) in any form and as often as desired.

7. Parking is allowed only in the designated areas. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed away at the expense of the exhibitor.

8. The traffic regulations (StVO) are valid on the whole area of the Schitterhof.

9. The entire Schitterhof is to be kept clean. Garbage must be disposed of in the garbage cans provided for this purpose. The sanitary facilities provided for this purpose are to be used for defecation.

10. Smoking is only allowed in the designated places.

11. Animals and objects that pose a threat to public safety are not allowed. (Exception: guide dogs)

12. The bringing in of fireworks, Bengal fires, incendiary devices, sticks, poles, parasols, bottles, stones, stabbing, cutting and slashing objects as well as weapons of any kind is prohibited. Security officers and stewards are authorized to visually inspect the following on entry to the grounds the containers or items of clothing carried onto the premises.

13. Music is permitted from 8.00 - 22.00 hrs. From 10.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. only at "room volume".

14. The night's rest from 11.00 p.m. - 6.00 a.m. must be strictly observed.

15. Repairing of motor vehicles on the premises is prohibited. Repairs to vehicles can only be be carried out if it is ensured that no environmental pollution is caused by leaking liquids and that there is no increased noise disturbance (especially disturbance of the night's rest).

16. Barbecues are only allowed with gas in suitable barbecues. Wood or coal barbecues are prohibited at the campsite.

17. On the whole area, the use of an unmanned device (e.g.: drone) / model aircraft / unmanned aerial vehicle is strictly prohibited.

18. The laying of cables and hoses is not allowed without the express permission of the owner.

19. The sale of food, drinks, accessories, souvenirs, clothing, etc. is prohibited on the premises of the Schitterhof. The distribution of advertising materials of any kind, such as advertising printed matter, brochures, leaflets, samples, paper flags, etc. requires the express written consent of the owner.

20. The causer is liable for damages to the Schitterhof facilities. In particular, drilling holes and fixing materials to all buildings (facades, walls, fences, barriers, lighting systems and outdoor facilities) is strictly prohibited. Painting and labeling of the facilities is also prohibited.

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