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How does the booking work?

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What can I expect at Spielberg?

We are an event campsite open in the following months: June/July/August, this is when there are events at the Red Bull Ring (Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix, MotoGP, AirPower). We are the right choice for guests who prefer a quiet campsite away from the party zones.

How far is it to the Red Bull Ring?

The camping meadow is only 900 meters away from the main entrance of the Red Bull Ring. In less than 10 minutes, you can easily reach the event area on foot. Also at the departure, you are in pole position with us. It is only 800 meters to the freeway exit of the S36. A quick departure after the race weekend is thus guaranteed.

How loud is it at night at the event site or at the campsite?

Around the main entrance of the Red Bull Ring are several party and event zones with loud music and bright lights. Campsites in this area are often very noisy throughout the night and drunken party-goers are also common here.

Our camping meadow is already far enough away to ensure a pleasant night's rest. We also make sure that the night's rest is respected and that no loud music is played at our campsite during this time.

We expressly point out to our guests that from 10.00 p.m. music is only permitted at "room volume". No music is permitted from 11.00 p.m. and the night's rest must be observed. 

What are the opening days?

During the Red Bull Formula 1 and MotoGP events, the campsite is open from Wednesday to Monday of the event weekend.

The check-in is open at ...

Formula 1:

Wednesday from 12.00 to 22.00 hrs.

Thursday from 08.00 to 23.00 hrs

Friday only arrival for chalet guests from 08.00 to 22.00 hrs.


Wednesday from 12.00 to 22.00

Thursday from 08.00 to 22.00

Friday from 08.00 to 22.00 

What are the check-in times?

Wednesday, 12:00 pm till 8:00 pm
Thursday and Friday, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
During Formula 1, on Friday check-in is only possible for chalet guests. 

On Friday at 10:00 pm the campsite will be closed. Paid bookings will then lose their validity. Access outside the above check-in times is not possible. However, you can wait at the parking lot in front of the check-in until the check-in opens.

What if the event at the Red Bull Ring is postponed?

If the organizer changes the date of the event, the camping booking will also change. If the event is cancelled by the organizer, the camping bookings remain valid for a next event.

When is it possible to depart on race Sunday?

In principle, according to the traffic concept of the organiser Red Bull, it is only possible to leave the campsites after 8 p.m. on Sunday of the Formula 1 or MotoGP. However, as our camping site is very close to the motorway access road, it has been possible to leave earlier in previous years.

However, we generally recommend that our guests stay at the campsite on Sunday and leave on Monday without any traffic jams. Especially during Formula 1, long waiting times on the motorway slip roads and even longer traffic jams afterwards at the Sankt Michael motorway junction are to be expected. 

Is there a party zone?

There is no party zone at our site. There are party tents and much more near the main entrance of the Red Bull Ring, only about 10 minutes walk away. 

Especially for Formula 1 and MotoGP it is very loud west of the main entrance of the RedBullRing. Here the whole night party is made and also the fans in the surrounding campsites celebrate until the morning. From our quiet campsite this area is about 1.1 km away. Noise and light of the party zone are no longer disturbing here.

Night rest?

Have you brought a stereo or TV for your own use? Make sure that you do not disturb other campers. From 10 p.m. onwards, music is only allowed at "room volume". After 11 p.m. the night's rest must be observed and it is not permitted to make unnecessary noise on the campsite. Anyone who causes a nuisance by making noise, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and/or taking stimulants or narcotics may be expelled from the campsite.

Where can I get cheap tickets for MotoGP and F1 Austria?

Would you like to experience Formula 1 or MotoGP up close at the Red Bull Ring?

Book F1 tickets for the Red Bull Ring now - for you & real F1 fans directly on the Red Bull Ring website!

The official distribution partner for tickets at the Red Bull Ring, GP TICKETSHOP, also guarantees cheap tickets. Here you can also find tickets for all F1 and MotoGP events worldwide.

An insider tip for grandstand tickets, which are available for a relatively long time, is the official website of Max Verstappen. In recent years, good grandstand seats have been available here even a few weeks before the Austrian Grand Prix. 

These are the reputable ticket dealers for F1-Austria and MotoGP-Austria. 

Of course, there are also many other providers of F1 and MotoGP tickets on the internet. However, these tickets usually come with a surcharge and are not as cheap as those from licensed partners. 

You also need to be careful with the campsites. There are providers of MotoGP and F1 campsites who cheekily call themselves "official campsites". These are company constructs from the Czech Republic. The truly official campsites are listed on the RedBull website and all have a colour code. 

Schitterhof CAMPING WEISS, for example, is an official campsite and one of the quietest around the RedBull Ring, where strict attention is paid to ensuring a good night's sleep. 


Which power output and which power plugs are available?

There is a new and powerful electricity supply at the campsite.
Each PREMIUM and BASIC pitch (with the extra "electricity), have 230V with 8 amps available. The electricity distribution boxes can be between 5 and 40 metres from the pitch. The appropriate extension cable with a CEE 7/4 Schuko plug must be brought by the campers themselves.
The distribution boxes have CEE 7/3 earthed sockets.

Bring a 40m extension cable with a CEE 7/4 safety plug. 

The operation of "heavy consumers" such as heaters, large refrigerators or freezers and the charging of electric cars is not permitted. 

What do I do if I do not receive a booking confirmation?

If you do not receive a confirmation, please check your spam account - the confirmation could also land here. We usually send a legally valid booking confirmation within 48 hours (bookings on Saturdays and Sundays or holidays are confirmed on the following working day). Otherwise, please contact us.

Up to what age are children free of charge?

Children up to 14 years old do not pay any camping fee. (On the day of check-in, the child must be 13 years old).

What are the cancellation conditions?

For bookings that have been paid for online in advance and not cancelled free of charge within 14 days, there is no refund of the amount paid. Exceptions are cases of force majeure or the existence of objectively important reasons such as the loss of the basis of the business. In general, we always try to find an accommodating solution. No cancellation is possible after payment of the invoice. In case of a no-show, 100 % of the price will be charged. Likewise, in the event of an early departure, a refund of fees is excluded.

These strict cancellation conditions have become necessary because in recent years there have been a lot of multiple bookings at the campsites for major events, which were then cancelled shortly before arrival. 

What do I do if I have questions about the booking?

Do you have questions about your booking? Send us an email: . We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Our general office hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm. In the months of June, July and August we are available by phone from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

What categories of pitches are available at the campsite?

There are 2 categories of pitches.

BASIC: 150 pitches of 30 sqm (7.5 x 4 metres), with and without electricity. Partly slightly sloping meadow. Suitable for a maximum of 6 people, 1 vehicle and 2 tents.

PREMIUM: 250 pitches of 48 sqm (8 x 6 metres), with electricity included. All flat meadow. Suitable for a maximum of 8 people, 1 vehicle and 2 tents. Only vehicles up to max. 7.5 tonnes total weight are allowed on our campsite.

Keeping parking spaces free for following campers is not permitted! To stand next to each other, you must enter the camping area at the same time. Additional vehicles can be parked in a nearby car park (not at the camping site!) for a fee. It is not permitted to drive into the camping area with this vehicle. Camping equipment must be brought from this vehicle to the pitch on foot.

The allocation of pitches is carried out exclusively according to the "First-Come-First-Serve" principle by our staff team!

Are there ready accommodations at the campsite?

If you want to spend the night very comfortably and do not want to take your own camping equipment, you can do it in our wooden chalet village. We offer wooden chalets with bunk beds for 4 people including electricity and a car parking space. If you wish, you can also book all-inclusive. Then fresh bed linen and towels are included. Otherwise only a high-quality mattress with a protective cover. The beds are made of Austrian sleeping pine. The scent of essential oils has been proven to promote healthy sleep.

Our chalets are built to a high standard and are not comparable to cabins offered at other places around the ring. 

Which payment methods are accepted for online bookings?

We accept these payment methods for bookings via our website:

For payments from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and more than 30 other countries, SEPA payment and payment with major credit cards is possible.

For guests from the Netherlands, we also offer the option of payment via the payment service iDEAL, which is very popular in the Netherlands.

For guests from outside the EU we offer the possibility to pay via PayPal. 

If, contrary to expectations, there is a problem with one of the specified payment options, please contact us at:


How is the power supply?

Electricity access can be booked for each pitch or is included in "PREMIUM". Per pitch only 1 Schuko socket 230 V (CEE 7/3), but NO power current with 400 V is available. If further power outlets are used, they will be cut off from the power supply!

An own Euro plug with power cable of at least 40 m has to be brought along. Depending on the location, up to 40 m cable length to the next power distributor is required. The power systems are not designed for any kind of heating/cooking (electric heaters, cooking/grilling) for operating air conditioners or consumers with high power. The use of such high power electrical loads is expressly prohibited. The use of defective consumers, such as old refrigerators, defective cable drums, etc. is prohibited and in case of non-compliance the power access will be permanently disconnected.

Attention: It is not allowed to operate self-brought power generators!

Since guests repeatedly report bad experiences camping in Spielberg at other sites with the power supply, it is particularly important to us to ensure a functioning power supply at the campsite. We provide for the F1 and MotoGP sufficient power distribution and power (8A per socket). 

How is the water supply?

There is no direct water and wastewater connection at the booked pitch. Freshwater connections are available centrally in the sanitary facilities area. To fill up the water tank in the camper/caravan, a water connection with a pipe length of approx. 10 m is available at the sanitary areas. Dishes can be washed in a separate area. 

Where are sanitary facilities?

Mobile toilets are regularly distributed throughout the campsite. Shower and washing facilities are available in the large sanitary area next to the gastro area and in the courtyard building at the Schitterhof.

Guests of the Chalet Village have their own VIP sanitary containers. 

Eat & Drink

Is there catering at the campsite?

In the catering area, breakfast is offered from 7:00 am and snacks as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks all day. In the evening there is a selection of grilled dishes. The gastronomy closes at 10:00 pm. There is no party area!

Is bringing your own food and drinks allowed?

You can bring food and drinks to the camping area. Please note that they are not packed in glass. Glass is not allowed in the whole camping area. In addition, it is also not allowed to bring large supplies of alcohol and food. These may be inspected by our staff and their consumption prohibited.

Is barbecue allowed at the campsite?

Barbecues are only allowed in suitable containers on the pitch with gas barbecues. Charcoal barbecues are prohibited. Lighting a campfire is prohibited. Open fires, as well as the use of alcohol or petrol heaters are not permitted.

Where can you shop?

The nearest small grocery shop is around 1.5 km away. 

There are several supermarkets, retail centres and petrol stations within a 5-minute drive. The two shopping centres Knittelfeld and Zeltweg are both around 4 kilometres away.

Catering is also available directly at the campsite in the restaurant area. 

There is a bus stop directly in front of the campsite (red bus shelter). A free shuttle bus stops there during the Formula 1 weekend. This takes guests to the nearest Spar supermarket and back again. Departure times are Friday and Saturday on the GP weekend between 07.00 and 17.30 approximately every 30 minutes.

Hygiene and garbage?

All rubbish should be left on the campsite site in tied bags, separated into plastic, aluminium packaging and residual waste. Rubbish bags are available free of charge in the information area of the camping site. In general, the pitch must be left as clean as it was when you arrived.

Disposing of special waste (barbecues, fridges, mattresses, tents, camping chairs, etc.) on the camping site is strictly prohibited and will result in an additional charge of at least Eur 200.

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